RADIO «GRINDOTEKA»  – is the Russian Internet radio station that continues the traditions of a weekly hour Grindoteka radio show, where groups of extreme genres presented new releases and responded to serious and complex questions of a radio presenter. New Grindoteka is available for listening 24 hours a day 7 days a week and promises a deeper dive into the extreme underground culture of all countries in the world. Broadcast is seasoned with delicious jingles, as well as specially compiled collections of new products and rarities from the most extraordinary groups that are presented on the world music map. Radio Grindoteka will delight connoisseurs of punk, crust, sludge, hardcore and, of course, grindcore. It returns the original meaning of extreme genres of music and opens a great variety of styles, leading their history from true, authentic hardcore and punk.
  • old school hardcore | hardcore | crust | d-beat | punk | neocrust | dark hardcore | chaotic hardcore | metallic hardcore | grindcore | deathgrind | cybergrind | mathgrind | sludge | doom | stoner | noise | noisegrind | crustgrind | powerviolence | black | post-black

Вся музыка на сервере предоставлена исключительно для ознакомительного прослушивания, взята с открытых источников и не предназначена для продажи или распространения! Если вы являетесь правообладателем музыкального произведения, и не хотите, чтобы оно транслировались на радио «Grindoteka», сообщите об этом по адресу

  • Old School Hardcore – plain, rapid and raw. Includes old, iconic bands, many of ones have released just only one album, and some of those bands have been presented only on compilations. The broadcast will carry you to the 80-ies – time of black-white photos and no-stage clubs, when hardcore was young and energetic. The origin of hardcore – is an inexhaustible source for newer extreme genres as crust, sludge and grind, so skipping this section is absolutely impossible for Radio Grindoteka. Uncompromising lyrics, vigorous riffs and primeval hardcore energy.
  • In Crust We Trust – is the most insane section. No trees on the covers and whiny vocals, just anger and noise, inherent for this genre from the beginning to nowadays. The bands from different periods of musical history united by their aggressive sound, close to grindcore speed and the spirit of genuine anarchic punk-rock.
  • Ultimate Grindcore – that’s some kind of flagship section of our radio. Grind, death-grind, math-grind, noise-grind, power-violence – anyway here is broadcasted godless, sharp, tearing superfast music full of sudden flashes of anger and unexpectable turns. All grind in all of its ugliness.
  • Sludge Time – at this section you’ll hear the most god damn’ abusing, viscous and oppressive sound of ever existed. Here will be broadcasted the classical artists of the genre as well as the neighbouring genres bands inspired by the spirit of sludge. And all of them are united by inexorable filth, sickness and terribly distorted sound from the underworld. Take care of your ears.
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